Jonathan Trappe is a "cluster balloonist," specializing in flying the way the old man in Up did. Today Jonathan crossed the English channel, fulfilling "this wonderful fantasy of grabbing onto toy balloons and floating into open space," he explained.

"It was just an exceptional, quiet, peaceful experience," he told reporters when he landed. Trappe has previously flown up to 109 miles around home state of North Carolina, and records his sojourns on website He explained his flight as one of fancy:

Didn't you have this dream, grabbing on to a bunch of balloons and floating off? I think it's something that's shared across cultures and across borders—just this wonderful fantasy of grabbing on to toy balloons and floating into open space.

On his website, he wondered "if crossing that ribbon of water will be like breaking the ribbon at the finish line." Since Jonathan just landed, he hasn't updated his website yet; when he does, we'll know. [ClusterBalloon, ABCNews via Gothamist]