An incredibly fake-looking advertising campaign for Huggies' denim diapers can't include the world "poop", ABC has decided. Yes, that's right, the commercial's tag line—"the coolest you'll look pooping your pants"—is for real.

Do you ever come across something on the internet and it seems so ridiculous that it has to be some kind of sham? After all no one believes anything on the internet anymore! Well, that's just what happened to me when I first saw this Huggies commercial a couple of days ago. There is no way something so comical and in your face about the actual use of diapers would ever be on national television, would it? This is a country in which animated bears sell toilet paper! Limited edition denim diapers? That's more like an Onion headline than something someone could actually buy in a real Baby Depot. And yet it is real, although it appears it was too real for at least one television network, and ABC has since demanded that Huggies change the slogan. (It went with "When you gotta go, go in style" instead.) Obviously "poop" is way too offensive for the delicate sensibilities of this Puritan nation.

What does it mean when the thing you thought was a hoax, such as this commercial, turns out to be the God's honest truth? I was so wary about being taken in by another internet stunt that the possibility corporate America could come up with something this asinine completely eluded me. Now this strange little baby will be up on your television strutting his steaming acid-washed diapers for all the world to see, and every time I fast forward through it while watching The View on DVR, I'll cry a little tear for my jaded existence.