Oh, Fox & Friends. Land of geniuses. The regular crew were all off on their oil prospecting vacations today, so we were stuck with the brilliant fill-ins. Watch as one of them, Clayton Morris, gets his own name wrong. Twice!

Now this is most likely a teleprompter screw up, but come on dude, you can't even figure out to plug your name in when you see "I'm Steve Doocy" printed on the thing? I suppose it is a lot to ask. At least he's got a smart haircut. He's got a smart haircut and a smart name. Clayton Morris. I'll bet he invited Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade, and his beloved Doocy ("He's just the coolest guy!") to his mumsie's summer manse somewhere for the holiday and he'll wait all weekend hoping they'll show up but then come Sunday night he'll figure it's not gonna happen so he'll sulk in a big leather chair and his mother will come up to him and say "Would you like some more warm milk and bourbon, Clayton?" and he'll say, with a pout, "Yes, Mother. But please, call me Steve."

Clip Bonus: Bernadette Peters talking crazily about doggies. Happy Memorial Day.

[via HuffPo]