Ken Starr, Bernie Madoff to the Stars! He's been charged with running a Ponzi scheme using money from celebrities. One of them is reported to be Uma Thurman. Dude, didn't you see Kill Bill? You're dead meat!

The Daily Beast has confirmed that the "actress" named in the U.S. Attorney's case against (not Bill Clinton prosecutor) Kenneth Starr is famous actress Uma Thurman. The complaint details how Thurman became suspicious of Starr when he started doing things with her money she didn't understand, like putting $1 million of it in another client's account without telling her. What he was doing was operating a big celebrity Ponzi scheme, shuffling stars' money around and pretending to make investments, but secretly using the cash to put down payments on his $7.5 million Manhattan condo with a 32-foot lap pool.

Meanwhile, the scope of this thing looks to be expanding to large swaths of Celebrityworld. According to the Times, Starr's clients include Thurman, Ron Howard, Martin Scorsese and Wesley Snipes. (Though Deadline says Scorsese and others left Starr before the scheme started.) Bilking millionaires is bad enough. But these aren't any millionaires. These are famous millionaires! The death penalty is almost too good for this clown.

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