Daniel Craig just picked up a $1.9 million TriBeCa penthouse. The National Enquirer also just suggested he's gay. Could the two be connected?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Craig and longtime girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell bought the one-bedroom apartment together, which is close quarters for a gay living with his beard, so we have our doubts about the gay rumors. Nevertheless, the National Enquirer reports that a couple of weeks ago, Craig was at a gay bar in L.A. where he was seen making out with a man. We have no idea if that's true, of course. But what we can tell you is that Fredrik Eklund, the agent who sold the condo to Craig is a very handsome man who also happens to be a former gay porn star Tag Eriksson. We're not suggesting that the two incidents are at all related, although if Craig is hoping to keep these rumors at bay, this won't help much. Not that it matters. With an awesome pad like this one, he shouldn't have trouble finding anyone of any gender to keep him company!

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