Got any plans tonight? Why bother slaving over a hot stove? Order take out and join our commenter live blog of Top Chef Masters instead! Look. Now you have plans.

And they're probably at least more fun than tenderizing an octopus in a washing machine. I brought up the washing machine thing because chef Rick Moonen mentioned it on last week's show as a tenderizing method. So if you like your octopi less "toothsome," launder ‘em. There's your cooking tip for the day. And here's your live-blogging tip for the night: go turn on the TV, grab something to imbibe, and join us in the comments section below this post. That's where we gather each week to live-blog the main event, which starts at 10 pm Eastern on Bravo.

Last week's live blog was a blast, and as usual, the comments were awesome. For a selection of a few of my favorites, click here. And here are a few other highlights from last week:

  • During the pre-football-game "tailgate party" challenge, commenter Jessizca observed that hat-loving judge Gael Greene should have shown up wearing one of those "beer helmet" things.
  • James Oseland praised the "tasty, juicy mouthful" that Marcus Samuelsson gave him. This may help explain how Marcus has managed to hang around as long as he has.
  • Susan Feniger uses cilantro so much, commenter Sugar Boots wondered if she "goes home at night to her happy little leprechaun home in the cilantro forest."
  • Speaking of the ex-cheerleading leprechaun lady, she won—which made us all happy, because she's become our clear favorite. The loser was Obama Chef, which surprised me—but only because I'd forgotten he was still on the show.

So what will happen tonight? Well, after gazing into my crystal ball—otherwise known as "watching the preview clips posted on Bravo's website"—I predict that we'll see the following:

  • The quickfire will be the ever-popular "name that ingredient" challenge — which tends to be entertaining because it usually reveals that at least one gifted chef is inexplicably inept at recognizing foods when blindfolded. Like, for example, you put a radish in their mouth and they say "um … watermelon, right?" Just wait and see. It's crazy.
  • For the elimination challenge, each chef will create a dish inspired by a Greek god. Don't be surprised if Feniger, who was assigned Aphrodite, makes a Ginseng-oyster taco that drives Gael Greene wild.
  • The Swedish chef will complain of a "bad back-ache" — or maybe he said "bork bork-bork"? His accent made it hard to tell.

OK, gang, time spin the ol' squid, if you know what I mean. Well, actually, I don't know what I mean. Let's just live-blog the show instead. I'll see you down in the comments section!

[Image via OlegD/Shutterstock]