Oh, no, sorry not Nikki Finke. "Tilda," the Hollywood blogger character on HBO's new show. Also today: the Logan's Run remake passes its Carousel, Jesse Eisenberg lands another role, and a new teen comedy could be good or awful.

Diane Keaton has officially signed on to star in HBO's not-about-Nikki-Finke pilot Tilda, about a feared Hollywood blogger. This is no surprise, folks have been talking about Keaton and this project for months. But today we learned that burgeoning movie star Ellen Page has hopped aboard as a young studio worker who knows she shouldn't get close to Nikki Tilda, even though she wants to. I have no idea how this show is going to work, really — doesn't Keaton seem way too gentle and funny-frazzled to play an arguably insane person like Nikki Tilda? — but at least the cast is good. And so is the behind-the-scenes talent, with Bill Condon co-writing and directing. Skeptical but curious, that's what I'll say. [EW]

What you've always wanted is finally about to happen. After years of delays, the Logan's Run remake (Renewal?) is finally in the works again. Warner Bros. has tapped commercial director Carl Rinsch to helm the project, so you can bet it'll look all slick-like. So, yay? Though I'm a bit confused because didn't they already sorta remake this movie with that bizarre MTV show Dead at 21 with Jack Noseworthy? Man, remember Jack Noseworthy? He was in that Bon Jovi "Always" video with the girl from Models Inc.? That sentence probably means absolutely nothing, is complete gibberish, to someone under the age of 23 or so. Sigh. Those were some good times, those Models Inc./Jack Noseworthy days. [Variety]

Area nerd Jesse Eisenberg has been tapped to play probably the same old part as always in 30 Minutes or Less, the action comedy directed by his Zombieland director about a pizza delivery man (Eisenberg) and a middle school history teacher (Aziz Ansari) who find a bomb strapped to a pizza and have to rob a bank in order for terrorists to not blow them up or something. Sounds like it'll be rife with nerd humor and general frenzied tomfoolery. Which, you know, never gets tiresome. [THR]

Ken Kwapis, the exquisite genius behind He's Just Not That Into You, is rumored to be on board to direct a live-action movie of the Dilbert comic strip. Ah yes, the continually relevant Dilbert. Um, I don't know if there's anything else to be said about this. I mean, it's Dilbert. [Pajiba]

Paramount has picked up Fun Size, a spec script from a Colbert Report writer that's going to be produced by television monsters Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who gave us The OC, took it away, and then replaced it with Gossip Girl and The Chuck. The movie is supposedly "a cross between Superbad and Adventures in Babysitting that is set on Halloween." Hm. So a raunchier John Hughes movie. OK. The writer is from a good show. I'll say that I'm picking up what this is laying down. Though I don't know why Schwartz and Savage haven't made any movement on the spec script I submitted to them, Adam Brody Kisses Boys for a While. I think it could be good! [THR]