Today at Gawker.TV, a mashup of all the times the term "thrown under the bus" was used on The Celebrity Apprentice, Brody Jenner's a douche, and a look back at the worst TV shows from the past decade.

The Celebrity Apprentice: An "Under the Bus" Supercut
If you watched The Celebrity Apprentice this season, you probably noticed that a variation of "[Name] threw me under the bus!" appeared excessively. Thanks to Rich Juzwiak at fourfour, we now have a hilarious supercut of them all.

The Hills Presents a Lesson In Being a Complete Tool
Last night The Hills were completely devoid of Spencer and Heidi. Instead, we saw a new side of LA's underbelly when Brody violated the sacred rule of the "friend's with benefits" arrangement by showing off a date in front of Kristin.

Newsflash: Glenn Beck Hates the Internet, Liberal Bloggers
Glenn Beck proves that bloggers are pantsless, terrible people who love nothing like their video games. He also knows he's always right.

The Biggest TV Failures of the Past Decade
Ah, the early 2000s. The economy kinda worked, trucker hats were fashionable and Justin Bieber wasn't yet old enough to make music. It would have been a fun decade, if we didn't have to endure the following awful TV shows.

Sarah Jessica Parker on Matthew Broderick's "Shortcoming"
Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by Letterman last night to promote Sex and the City 2 but the topic soon switched to her husband, Matthew Broderick, who is apparently the one responsible for their son's small stature.