This week, Khloe and Kim Kardashian repeat a cover and weight loss interview almost verbatim for Life & Style magazine. Last month, Kourtney Kardashian did three weight loss-themed Life & Style bikini covers in a row. What gives?

The eagle-eyed editors at Huffington Post Entertainment noticed that today's scantily clad sister act is virtually the same as one from September of 2009.

In this week's Life & Style, Kim is quoted as saying, "If I feel like a milk shake, I have one."

Last year, she said, "Sometimes if I feel like a milk shake, I have one."

This week, Khloe says, "Kim will always call me and be like, 'Let's go do boot camp!' and that motivates me."

Last year, Khloe said, "Kim will always call me and be like, 'Okay, let's go do boot camp,' or 'Let's do this or that,' and that motivates me."

Which is ironic because Khloe and Kourtney are famous for being related to Kim, and Kim is famous for having a big ass. (And for showing it in a doggie style sex tape.) Thus, on the cover of Life & Style, the Kardashians are engaged in an infinitely regressive fame game, where they simultaneously flaunt and minimize the very body part from which they draw their power. It's like the Ourobourus, but instead of a snake eating its tail, it's a trio of fameballs eating their own butts, by not eating at all, because they are on diets.

In other words,

Life & Style : Kardashian weight loss :: Us Weekly : Jessica Simpson body functions

Since the sisters Kardashian shill for voodoo weight loss pill Quick Trim, you could say that Life & Style sells Quick Trim, too. Or that Quick Trim sells issues of Life & Style? The Kardashians sell everything? Everyone sells Kim Kardashian's butt? Welcome to the mad world of advertainmentbloidazines. [HuffPo]