In your wacky Wednesday media column: Janice Min is already rich so what does she care, Daily News buyouts, bad news for True/ Slant writers, a college newspaper gets unrestrained, and Tribune Co execs think they deserve big money.

  • Former Us editor Janice Min, who was supposedly working on starting her own internet venture, has instead accepted a job as editorial director at the Hollywood Reporter. All of her plans are equally perilous!
  • Almost 10% of the editorial staff at the NY Daily News just accepted a buyout.
  • Just yesterday Forbes bought freelancer-friendly site True/ Slant, and today Jeff Bercovici reports that they're telling their writers that "A lot of the True/Slant content that doesn't fall into Forbes' areas of focus — business, investing, economics, government, health care, etc. — will likely disappear." Whimsy is dead.
  • Oh, for fuck's sake: a Wyoming judge has come to his senses and dissolved a restraining order issued against a college newspaper that barred the paper from writing about the college president's trip to Costa Rica, because the college "could lose federal funding if the information was published." Yea, you know what everyone was reporting on, though? The restraining order against the college paper. Idiots.
  • Because the people who run Tribune Co. are shameless in addition to being incompetent, executives of the bankrupt company are asking for $15 million in bonuses.