On a Metafilter thread about the outpouring of online revulsion against former ABC staffer Mimi Gurbst, a great blind item comment appeared. Which media gossip mogul is allegedly a drug-using sexual harasser (and more)? UPDATE: TMZ denial below.

I've worked for several major media companies, by far the worst of which was a huge trashy entertainment news website with a three-letter name, and they have all their employees sign legal papers and non-disclosure agreements up the wazoo. They are just smart enough to know how very much they need to keep hidden, legally speaking.

I mean, if I were to tell you that a certain male "quasi-journalist" entertainment news figure was routinely high on drugs at the office (which he would buy from someone who also worked at the office) and routinely sexually harassed the male employees (we're talking serious stuff, not kidding around), and routinely screamed and ranted at the staff for the most minor details during his clearly bipolar mood swings, and despite touting his website as the cutting-edge future of online news gathering to the press he was actually totally and devastatingly computer-illiterate to the point that he literally could not check his own e-mail (really!), and that several of us including me had gone to the company's HR department to formally complain, and the HR rep sheepishly came back to us and told us that yes our claims were noted and all known to be true but that the higher ups were protecting this man and his brand because he brought in beaucoup $$$ for the organization...well, let's say I have a lot of stories to tell, but cannot really do so in a public venue. Ask me at a MeFi meetup sometime. Meanwhile, I envy the ABC peeps their belated freedom to vent.

HINT, for the very slow: The commenter's bio says "I was the Lead Programmer at a well-known Warner Brothers (Telepictures) website." So, who could this be about?

UPDATE: A rep for TMZ has informed us that this account is not true and that the posting on Metafilter has been removed by the original poster. TMZ's rep says it was removed due to "inaccuracy"; we are currently looking into the matter.

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