He won't say nice things about any of the white contestants. This actress loves white things, as long as it's white powder, and Ben Kingsley tells a very racist tale. It seems we can't all just get along.

1. "Could it be this person is just ticked they didn't win? Could be, but let us judge for ourselves. This ex contestant (you will never get it) of a top ranked non cable reality show spilled that one of the show's judges hates white people. The judge makes no effort to talk to anyone who is white and will go out of their way to not talk to white people. During the taping of the show, the cameras would have to roll for a very, very long time to ever hear anything positive about a white contestant from this judge. Most of the time it would take a prompt from a producer to get the judge to say anything remotely positive about the white contestants." [CDaN]

2. "This C List actress from television is married to a man that has his hands full. He is head over heels for the C lister but his marriage has been threatened. The hubby to this star has been presented with a challenge: The C Lister has been cheating with a no-name model and she has told her husband that if he can't make as much money as her lover by the end of the year, she's going to leave and marry the model instead of staying in the marriage. The poor man is scrambling to come up with ways to bring in some extra dough. Funny thing is, she doesn't need the cash, unless the white powder rumors are true. Not Mariska Hargitay." [BuzzFoto]

3. "Ben Kingsley told a story on The View this morning about an unpleasant dinner he had at the home of a Hollywood actor: 'There are times when I wish I could have said or done something differently. [For example] The last time I was here, there was an old Hollywood actor who invited me back to his home. He was with his aging German girlfriend. I was instantly nervous around her. During the meal, she said "Are you Jewish?" And I said "No as a matter of fact, I'm half Indian and half English." And she said "Oh my god, that's even worse." [audience gasps] So, I did not drop my knife and fork and say "F* you." I stayed in a state of rage throughout the dinner. Why? Because everything happens for a reason. And now here I am with you and [pointing at the camera] if you're still around, you racist old witch…[gesturing to The View panel] these girls have now heard it, and you know who you are! You know who you are!'" [Blind Gossip]