Just when you thought the high-fashion blackface trend was over, Rihanna wears black body paint and chains in her new music video. She also dresses up like Slash, a train conductor, Anna Wintour, and a human harp.

Singing "Oh baby I'm a Oh baby I'm a Oh baby I'm a Oh baby I'm a Oh baby I'm a rock star," and "to be what you is you gotta be what you are," Rihanna cycles through a series of peculiar costumes. What is she trying to tell us?

First and most startlingly, Rihanna is a half-naked blackfaced lady in chains. But why?

Maybe Anna Wintour—in mean pinstripes—made her do it. For fashion.

Apparently Slash plays guitar in this track, which explains why she had to dress up like him. Drag impersonations are the musical theater version of "thank you."

Another good way to thank a musician: with a harp made out of your butt.

Wait a minute—what if Rihanna didn't mean to wear blackface? Probably she rubbed her eyes too hard, and her black eye makeup got everywhere.

Hmm, it'd be pretty hard to smear eye makeup in the small of your own back, though…

…or that one place on your back you can never reach, even when you reach your right hand down your shoulder, and your left up your back, and, nnnnghhh! so close!

Where were we? Oh yeah. Rihanna. Blackface. Weird. [Celebitchy]