As predictable as it was, last night's season finale of HIMYM tied up its 5th season as well as anyone could expect. Marshall and Lilly are hoppin' on the baby train, Don's leaving for Chicago, and Ted went blond.

How did douchey Ted get the idea in his head to go blond? The power of good friends communicating without speaking a word. This video includes their master plan, Barney and Marshall's flying insults after he gets it done, and how an awful haircut prevented disaster.

I know Robin was feeling emotional after choosing Don over her career (only to find out that he'd done the opposite) but are we really supposed to believe that after all these years, that Robin would put the moves on Ted? Here's more during the conversation leading up to the almost-kiss:

The above clip also acts as a quick catch-up for people who haven't really seen the show before. So, just for fun, here's the roundup of the previous four doppelgangers:

What do you expect in the next season? A large part of me doesn't want Marshall and Lilly to have a baby because it will change their dynamic a ton. However, if they pair up Barney and Robin, I'm happy as a clam. Have we seen the last of Don? And, most importantly, will there be another, actual doppelganger of Barney? We'll have to wait til next season to find out.