It's so easy to "hack" into road signs than even racists can just walk up and make the road safety displays say whatever idiotic thing pops into their head, as with these newly-hijacked signs in South Florida.

NBC Miami reported that "techies" modified these signs to say "No Latinos" and "No Tacos." If that sounds fishy—even a bottom shelf computer whiz tend to be significantly better educated than a garden-variety racist—that's because it is. Per an old Gizmodo post on other altered road signs, here's what you need to do to "hack" in to one of these signs:

While most road sign control pads are placed in a lock box, that box is rarely actually locked. And while most road signs are under password protection, that password is most generally just the default code "DOTS"-or you can easily reset the password by holding "shift" and "control" while typing "DIPY."

This is how America's precious highway grid is "secured." No one tell the terrorists.