Advertising's troubling death of euphemism has already forced Americans to confront the realities of toilet paper, fiber-packed poop enhancement products, and tampons, which go in vaginas (FYI). Now, diapers are being explained to us, as if we don't understand.

The very existence of Huggies' new Little Movers Jeans Diapers, with their faux-denim pattern, is quite bad enough, thank you. But no; here is the new ad campaign, via Andrew Adam Newman:

In the 30-second spot, by the New York office of JWT, part of WPP, techno music plays as an announcer says, "My diaper is full - full of fashion." As a tuxedo-clad driver opens the door of a limousine for the boy to climb in, the announcer continues, "When it's No. 2, I look like No. 1: I poo - in blue."

We get it: diapers are full of shit. Thanks for clearing that up.
[NYT. Pic via]