Well, alleged affairs. Though kid-tested, Sarah Palin-approved South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley has denied it, a political blogger named Will Folks insists that he and Haley had an affair while she was married. First Mark Sanford, and now this??

Muslim jihadi state South Carolina, which will be known from here on out as Sex Carolina, was rocked this morning as Folks made claims of "an inappropriate physical relationship" "several years ago, prior to my marriage." So whatever, he's cool, but she was married! Haley scrambled to deny it and blame the whole thing on political mudslinging.

I have been 100% faithful to my husband throughout our 13 years of marriage. This claim against me is categorically and totally false. [The allegations are] South Carolina politics at its worst.

Ohhh, nice move, talking Tea Party tough about big corrupt politics that you will implicitly save (when you're not too busy sexing with BLOGGERS). Never mind that Folks and his website have been supporters of Haley's in the past.

No word yet from Sarah Palin, but we can guess that she will give Haley a thirty second head start before she racks her shotgun and heads out after her. Mostly we're just glad to see a lady politician sleeping around just like a male politician would. Feels like progress. Go Sex Carolina!

[Image via AP]