KFC knows how to do three things: 1. Get lots of PR for its terrifying chicken-byproduct products; 2. Lose money; and 3. Make comical "branding" statements, while doing items one and two. Wait'll you catch the new tagline!

The last KFC marketing crap people actually remember involved an old dude dressed up like a "Colonel." But the company's last actual slogan was "Unthink," which (I'm no branding analyst, but) does not have anything to do with chicken, or a secret chicken-spicing concoction. But now, Ad Age reports, KFC is back to know your collective carnivorous socks off with its new tagline—everyone hold tightly to your biscuits—"So good." Holy Mary Mother of Fucking Chicken-eating God, it must have taken an entire flotilla of professionals to come up with that one, no?

Mr. Benito said the tagline is the result of the combined efforts of Ogilvy, Sydney; Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London; and DraftFCB, Chicago. The tagline emerged in focus groups, when lapsed customers tasted the product and said, "It's so good."

Branding as Bullshit: volume one billion and a million.

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