Seems like even some of the castaways were confused by the ending. A male reality star paid to have his famous date enjoy some girl-on-girl action in public and a celebrity spawn is trying heroin. This is a gossip flash-sideways.

1. "Prior to the airing of the Lost series finale, there was a two hour-special on the making of Lost. It featured a plot summary, show clips, show runners patting themselves on the back, and lots of glowing accolades from the cast about how amazing and ground-breaking the series was. Well, that's how they described it for the cameras, anyhow. One cast member had less glowing things to say when the camera wasn't rolling. Specifically, that even the cast members didn't understand the convoluted plot. This particular actor never had any idea whether s/he was "filming a scene of a flash back, a flash forward, a flash sideways." This same actor did not like the ending at all. S/he said that it "f*ing sucked. What a joke." S/he also joked that s/he might avoid public appearances for a while in case some fan who felt robbed at the ending wanted to throw a punch their way." [Blind Gossip]

2. "I'm guessing this couple is more than just friends. Lets call them reality stars. Well, one is for sure a female reality star on an A list network reality show. The other, a male celebrity who has been on a reality show. Anyway, our male celebrity took our female to a party recently and was throwing $100's at her like they were nothing. He kept throwing until she agreed to umm, how shall I put this, get serviced orally right there at the party by another woman who didn't take nearly as much money for persuasion." [CDaN]

3. "This C list actress daughter of a former male A list celebrity (now B) and a former B list actress (now a D) was found in a bathroom the other night passed out after trying heroin for the first time." [CDaN]

4. "Which producer for a dorky cable anchor has been complaining to colleagues that she's tired of his notoriously nasty behavior?" [P6]

5. "Which art-collecting philanthropist got a face-lift, threw her professor husband out, and is now having a fling with her chauffeur? But don't cry for the professor — he's been hitting on his students for years." [P6]

6. "Which late-night TV host is having Tiger Woods-like problems? One woman has already come forward, but at least one more is looking to sell her sordid story. [P6]