The Democratic party are rubbing their hands at the prospect of associating their opponents with the nutso Rand Paul. Today, on ABC's This Week, RNC Chairman Michael Steele said he was 'not comfortable' with his candidate's views on civil rights.

Paul said last week that he didn't think the government should have intervened to force businesses to serve black people. You know, all that 'civil rights' stuff these liberals insist on. On This Week, Steele was asked by host Jake Tapper if he was comfortable with those views:

"I'm not comfortable with a lot of things," Steele said according to this ABC story.

"It sounds like you're not comfortable with it," replied Tapper.

"I just said I wasn't comfortable with it."

Paul is still a Republican candidate for Senate in Kentucky. So presumably he and Steele will be able to discuss their differences in depth during the planning and financing of his campaign.