Is the talented Mr. Wheeler—accused Harvard scamster Adam Wheeler, who faces 20 counts of larceny and fraud for application lies—defending himself pseudonymously in the Harvard Crimson's comment forums? Plus, new photo and anecdotes from his time at Harvard.

IvyGate points to a peculiar series of comments on a Crimson article about Adam's resume. A commenter named Dr. Dennis Farbson announces he has "worked closely on a number of topics, and I can attest that his wit is spontaneous and adaptive." Crimson commenters immediately call Dr. Farbson out, and he admits "Dennis Farbson" isn't his real name:

But is Dennis Farbson really Adam Wheeler? Commenter Leoniceno makes the case, pointing to other samples of Adam Wheeler's prose.

The description of Adam's thesis also appears as an "in contract" book proposal on Adam's famously fabricated resume.

Anyway, the picture up top is of Adam at Harvard's 2008 Model UN conference. We're told he was generally useless to the organization, but did once impersonate its director, pretending to be in charge when he was not.

One classmate forwarded us an excerpt from a correspondence Adam had with another Harvard student (apparently everyone is scrutinizing old Adam Wheeler emails, now, through email forwards and around the screens of computers) for a class project about The Canterbury Tales. In it, he insults the assignment as "pedagogically stupid and, quite frankly, patently absurd."

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 9:13 PM, Adam Wheeler wrote:

Hi [redacted], Hope all's well. I'm not quite sure how to go about co-writing a two paragraph response 'paper,' as I find the very idea pedagogically stupid and, quite frankly, patently absurd. That said, maybe we could each write a paragraph on rhetorical forms or categories of linguistic utterances in the Canterbury Tales; at first blush, the topic seems loose enough to accommodate all the quiddities (and affinities) of a number of critical approaches. (I might write on bawdy or vulgar language...) Anyway, do let me know your ideas; I'll probably have my paragraph written by late tomorrow night. Adam

Quiddities! The boy sure likes multisyllabic words. Adam, if you want to join our comment forum, send me an email and I will pre-approve the username of your choice, with all the MD-PhD-DDS flourishes you want. I'll even give you a star. [IvyGate, Crimson]


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