Today at Gawker.TV, NBC's Thursday night lineup had their finales: Matt Damon is Liz Lemon's soulmate, Jeff Winger wins the heart of three ladies, The Office hawks fake social networking sites, and Parks & Rec's government shuts down. Plus MacGruber!

Introducing Matt Damon as Liz Lemon's Dream Guy
He's not quite Astronaut Mike Dexter, but Matt Damon's pilot character Carol might be close enough. Who else would be excited to meet 1.5 Jenna Maroneys? Watch the clip and be charmed.

Will Forte Sings the MacGruber Theme Song
"This isn't your father's SNL movie," advises Forte while his Mother watches in Jimmy Fallon's audience. He continues, "It's an R-Rated movie... a hard R" and then treats us to a rapid-fire swearing storm. I laughed my entire way through.

Our Favorite Moments From Parks & Recreation's Season Finale
Enjoy these while you can because NBC has made the terrible decision to start Parks and Rec in a mid-season spot next fall. Though the episode was pretty fantastic all-around, we've picked favorite moments for you to laugh at.

Fictional Social Media Advertisements Peppered Into The Office Finale
On last night's Office we were told how to "Woof" for only 12.99 a month, and were almost told how to "Suck it" which could also be a forward-thinking social networking concept, or just a really awesome yellow hoodie.

Community: Everybody Loves Jeff Winger
While we were waiting to see an end to the "will they or won't they?" between Jeff and Britta, the writers threw Jeff's ex into the mix and ended with a shockingly unexpected kiss to close the show.