Chris Young, the man who made New York Housewife LuAnn de Lesseps' musical abomination "Money Can't Buy You Class," says he gets 1,400 emails a day from people who want to work with him. Have they heard the song?

It's no "Tardy for the Party," that's all that I'm saying. Young was featured on an episode of the Bravo show recording the track with Countess Crackerjacks, who he says he met at a Manhattan club. According to Young, he just wanted to make a single for his friend and didn't expect all the attention the song is getting. It's even gotten him some job offers. He told the Wall Street Journal, "The Ramones are calling. Salt n' Pepa." Because apparently the synthesized vocals on the track ripped open the space-time continuum and transported Mr. Young back to the '80s, where those bands still exist.

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