The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader is holding court in New York, where yesterday he said Marxism has "moral ethics" and capitalism is solely about "how to make profits." Event tickets were between $20-$60. He's holding a Twitter Q&A today, too!

His Holiness is in town on a four day visit, where he has been speaking at Radio City Music Hall and hanging out with Richard Gere. According to the AP, yesterday he told the crowd, some of who paid $700 for scalped tickets, that "still, I am Marxist," and that capitalism creates economic inequalities that are very bad. But he said Marxism only works if the regime in power is nice and doesn't abuse its authority. And then he basically said capitalism saved China. Want to make up your mind, man?

Later today, the Dalai Lama will hold a question and answer session on the Twitter.

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