The Hague is looking to talk to supermodel Naomi Campbell in a case against former Liberian president Charles Taylor who's on trial for crimes against humanity. That's the same case that prompted her to sock an ABC camerawoman last month.

It turns out blood diamonds are not a girl's best friend. Prosecutors trying Taylor revealed today that Campbell can prove that Taylor was in possession of rough diamonds, which he is accused of using to fund a bloody civil war in Sierra Leone. Taylor denies ever having possession of them.

As the story goes, Campbell, Mia Farrow, and Taylor were all guests of Nelson Mandela during a trip to South Africa in 1997 when someone turned up outside Campbell's hotel room door with a giant rough diamond, presented it to Campbell and said it was from Taylor. At breakfast the next day, Campbell told Farrow the tale and Farrow filled the international tribunal in on the details. Now they're looking for Campbell's side of the story. Considering her reaction last time someone asked her about it, we hope that whoever has to serve her papers is wearing body armor. If she'll throw a cell phone at the help when they can't find the pair of jeans she's looking for, just imagine what she'd do to a process server.

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