We invite you to gaze upon these dozen classic advertisements for jobs that long ago disappeared, mostly. (Not included: Journalist). Pine for the days of abundant taxidermy and banjo careers!

From the vast archives of Popular Science, we bring you some of the jobs you could have had, were you only born 50 years earlier, in some far-flung hayseed town where you'd believe anything you read in a magazine.

Photographer of some sort.

Railway postal carrier.

Card letterer.


Professional banjo player.

An "electrical expert" in New York City. All you need is a pair of pliers!

Professional drawer-of-stuff / Inspector of random buildings.

Printer/ Fixer of electrical refrigeration mechanisms.

Cartoonist / Practitioner of "mechanical dentistry."

Maker of "squirrel lamps," for profit.

Tennis racket stringer.

Passenger traffic inspector/ Big Money poultry worker.