Red alert! Starlet under fire! Noting that "actions speak louder than words," L.A. Judge Marshal Revel has issued a bench warrant for Lindsay Lohan, who skipped hearing about violating the terms of her DUI probation, because she's in Cannes.

Lindsay's lawyer said her passport had been stolen, which was why she couldn't leave the Cannes Film Festival in time for her hearing. (The district attorney's response: Bullshit.) Judge Revel set bail at $100,000, and Lindsay could face up to 180 days in jail if and when she finally makes it to court. As a term of her DUI probation, LiLo was expected to have completed 13 alcohol education courses by now; she completed only 10, and instead of finishing up, jetted off to Cannes to cavort on the red carpet. (Where the above picture was taken.)

When Lindsay gets back she probably won't get arrested in LAX and dragged away in handcuffs, so the Schadenfreuderazzi are out of luck. Lindsay's will probably be a Paris Hilton-esque self-surrender, since her original offense was only a misdemeanor. As long as she pays her bail, she won't go to jail immediately—Judge Revel will decide if and when LiLo finally shows up in court. [TMZ, TMZ, Radar, tip via Swifter, image via Getty]