Tonight, a special preview of the Lost showcase at the Vilcek Foundation was held for select members of the press. Somehow we were invited and decided to channel our extreme excitement into photos for the rest of you to enjoy.

The showcase highlights the international artists and filmmakers of the hit ABC show and will run from May 20th through June 5th. We caught Jorge Garcia, Damon Lindelof, and Carlton Cuse in attendance and the artwork and toys from the Lost set are not to be missed. I can't recommend enough that any Lost fan check this out. More details can be found at the Vilcek Foundation's website.

Check out our video of last night's action as well!

Jorge Garcia checks himself out. (Thanks to Caren and Matt for the fantastic shot.)

Another wide shot where if you quint hard enough, you just might see Carlton Cuse.

The Mr. Cluck costume, the Dharma van.

Workman jumpsuits inside the Dharma bus.

The Dharma Initiative food supply, Apollo candy bars, and the oh-so-epic photo of Desmond and Penny.

Daniel Faraday's Journal.

Penny's Letter to Desmond, Kate's Dress that she wore after being kidnapped by the Others that Mr. Friendly forces her to wear.

Hurley's game of Connect Four, Sawyer's reading glasses, four Virgin Mary statuettes containing heroin. In the background you can see the wine bottle with messages from the survivors in season one (which washed ashore in season two.)

The Dharma Initiative New Recruits Photo, 1977.

Boarding passes for Ajira Airways Flight 316.

Hurley's discman.

Hurley's winning lottery ticket—notice any familiar numbers?

Danielle Rousseau's music box, Kate's toy airplane, and Sawyer's copy of "Watership Down."

Walt's spanish version of the Flash comic book.

Sawyer's letter—written by an eight-year-old James Ford at the time of his parent's death.

Naomi's satellite phone, fake passports belonging to Ben Linus with the name "Dean Moriarty" on them.

Frozen half-wheel, located inside the Orchid station.

Charlie's Drive Shaft ring. (Well, as much of a close-up as I could get with my crappy digital camera.)

The dismantled "jughead" bomb.

Locke's hunting knife and sheath.

Sayid's photo of Nadyia, Oceanic Flight 815 tickets.