On yesterday's Late Show, Rima Fakih (aka Miss USA 2010) visited to chat with David Letterman about cars, Detroit and things like such as before delivering the Top 10 List: "Things I Want To Do As Miss USA." Video inside.

Here's Fakih's list:

10. Fill in as Secretary of State whenever Hillary Clinton is on vacation.

9. Visit the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and steal as many towels as I can.

8. I am going to all 50 states rasslin' gators.

7. Teach children there's nothing you can't achieve when you're smart, dedicated and really, really hot.

6. Spend my prize money on Mountain Dew and chalupas.

5. Travel to Neptune for the Miss Universe Pageant.

4. I will personally make every American a fried egg sandwich.

3. Like every gal, I dream of meeting a hunky close-up magician.

2. I honestly have no idea what I am supposed to do.

1. Nice things for the elderly, which is why I'm visiting Dave.

[Late Show with David Letterman]