Chicago chef Rick Bayless, known for his Mexican-inspired cuisine, was invited to be the guest chef for tonight's White House state dinner in honor of Mexican president Felipe Calderon. Not everyone appreciates he's been tweeting every detail about the preparations.

Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Bayless was asked to stop using his very active Twitter account while helping White House chef Cristeta Comerford prepare the meal in the White House kitchen. The tone of Sweet's article seemed to suggest that Bayless—who has appeared on Top Chef and Top Chef Masters—was using the assignment to drum up a little attention for himself. Bayless quickly shot back and said that he did not tweet at the White House—which is a big no-no—but did disclose some information about preparations from his hotel. He did not address the charge that he was, you know, being a total famewhore about his White House gig.

[Image via AP]