What sorts of outrages against humanity have been perpetrated by the sworn protectors of society, police, in the last few days? We'll tell you in this week's Cop Watch—where we watch cops closer than ever, thanks to Sean Bell.

  • A former NYPD officer and a detective both appeared in court yesterday in separate cases alleging that both of them used their positions to try to get sex. Just one example, from the genius detective: "After her release, she said, the detective told her he expected to have sex with her later and repeatedly called and sent text messages to her, threatening to arrest her again if she refused, according to court papers."
  • NYPD shooting victim Sean Bell got a street named after him. Also, his fiancee finally got a court date to resolve her wrongful death lawsuit against the police that killed him.
  • Detroit is set to release a report on a 7 year-old girl who was shot in the neck and killed during a police raid. The mayor says the report's findings "won't be pretty, but they will be honest." One out of two is...still bad.
  • The Justice Department has launched a full-scale review of the New Orleans police department, because it's so fucked up.
  • "Illiteracy, corruption hamper Afghan police." Yea, yea, yea.
  • Today in Good Police News: Cops in Indonesia rescued 71 endangered sea turtles from a food stall where the mean man was going to sell the sea turtles and the people would eat them. Aw.
  • More than half of the police force in La Union, Mexico resigned after a bunch of dudes with guns ambushed their colleagues. No shit! That's a crazy job, policing.

[Pic: Colin Matsui, via]