Also going gay is a rock star who's been diddling a boy band member. This actress is looking for a contractually-obligated boyfriend and this actor is stepping out on his wife all over town. Remember, cheaters never win.

1. "These two costars from a big movie coming out have been hooking up in between takes of the film. They are both married and they are both loving husbands to their naïve wives out there. Not Robert Downey Jr." [BuzzFoto]

2. "Which married rock 'n' roll hardman had a fling with a gay boyband star? He's scared his backstage antics will be made public..." [UK Mirror]

3. "She's a good actress but she really wants more publicity. Since actors in relationships with other stars tend to be higher profile, she and her public relations flack are looking to hook her up with a new man. Since it's not a real love connection, it doesn't matter if he's gay or straight. It does matter, however, that he's single and willing to act the part of a straight, loving, faithful, supportive boyfriend. Candidates should be 25-45 years old, attractive, non-smokers, excel at their own profession, comfortable with paparazzi, and be willing to contractually commit for one year." [Blind Gossip]

4. "This married A list television star on a very hit network show always has portrayed himself as the ideal family man. He always mentions his wife in interviews, and when they make one of their infrequent appearances together he always appears to be the loving husband. The reality is that he has slept with about 10 people from his show ranging from crew to extras to cast. Considering the other guys on this network you wouldn't think he would be king of the cheats, but he is." [CDaN]