Author Kelly Van claims that James Cameron's record-breaking sci-fi epic Avatar is based on her unpublished book Sheila the Warrior: the Damned, an action romance set on the planet of "Tibet." Hmmm. We have the full lawsuit.

No one tell Kelly Van about Pocahontas! The author, whose book seems to have never been professionally published, outlines her claims below in the categories of "Plot," "Characters" (sub-categories: "Physique," "Demeanor," "Attire," "Emotions," and "Powers/Rituals"), "Setting" and "Scenes."

In Sheila the Warrior: the Damned, two women travel to a planet called "Tibet," "where food tastes better than you can imagine" and "the concept of 'killing' is foreign." There they meet fantastic species like "Crowmen" and "bloodsuckers." They even fall in love with some of them them! There is action and adventure ("Claire" fights a "waterian"), and all in all it sounds like a cracking good read. It does not, however, sound very much like Avatar.

But you can decide for yourself. The full lawsuit is below: