Signs started popping up in Chelsea yesterday imploring (gay?) passersby to order a new cocktail, the "Sweet Coopie," in honor of Anderson Cooper's 43rd birthday on June 3. Which of the brands listed on the poster paid for the stunt?

Just look at the recipe. It suggests people to order a concoction of "Gray Goose" or 360 Vodka, Tanqueray 10 Gin, and some nasty sounding Nantucket Nectar drink. (The only thing that's missing is a plug for ordering the drink at Easter Bloc, the gay bar owned by Cooper's boyfriend.)

So, which of these many companies came up with a (gross) cocktail recipe, hired someone to print the fliers, hired someone else to post them all over the neighborhood, and then paid some PR person to send it to us? I think we can rule out "Gray Goose" since they spelled the brand's name wrong, so it has to be one of the other three mentioned.

Whoever it is behind this should hire us, because we're renaming it the Gray Fox (sorry, "Gray Goose"?) or Andy's Hurricane (which could refer to weather reporting in general or his coverage of Katrina/New Orleans), or maybe the Prissy Parka (for obvious reasons). But the "Sweet Coopie?" What does that even mean? We'd say all this product placement is a waste of money except, well, it's obviously working.