...In a movie! Ha ha, what'd you think we meant? Also today: Two CW shows get rather perplexing reorders, Stephen Baldwin's about to get serious, and Eliza Doolittle is alive and well and living at Sony.

Yes, Ellen Page has signed on to star in Freeheld, a movie based on a documentary about a lesbian couple fighting for pension benefits when one of them gets sick. Page will play the non-ailing party. The guy who wrote the very-similar Philadelphia is on hand to write, so sounds like everything is aligning pretty nicely. Yay Ellen! [THR]

Break out the champale and cheezwhiz, The CW is renewing your favorite quality shows. These programs are called Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill. Life I can sorta get. The first episode wasn't terrible, even though it's weird to see the girl from Roswell playing mother to a teenager. (And Kerr Smith is routinely embarrassing with his radio DJ shtick — he should have stuck to gay football in Capeside.) But One Tree Hill?? Have you guys who watch that show ever watched that show? It's like looking into the face of God and having him say to you, "Would you like a corn nut?" Also Chad Michael Murray has been stuck in a bag for seven years and he's been trying to act his way out of it, but he just can't. He just can't. Someone should save him. Oh, someone did! IMDB just called and said "Hey Richie, CMM isn't on that shit anymore." So that's good. But that other one isn't much better. I just don't get it. I just don't. [Variety]

Carey Mulligan, a British sparrow, has been saying things at Cannes like "Oh yeah that My Fair Lady movie remake that Ima star in isn't going to get made," and stuff. But the producers say that's a lie. It is on, it's moving along nicely. Why is Carey Mulligan such a liar? It's really a shame that Carey Mulligan is a dirty, filthy liar. Shia, get outta there. Just get the hell outta there. [EW]

NBC's TNT's Southland has been renewed for another season, we knew this, but unfortunately they're going to have a lower budget, which means fewer regulars. Ben McKenzie, Mark Cudlitz, Regina King, and human scowl Shawn Hatosy are still going to be there, but there's no word on Tom Everett Scott. Poor Tom Everett Scott. The poor man's Tom Hanks just can't get a break. Remember when That Thing You Do! came out and everyone was all "Ohhh Tom Everett Scott is the wave of the future!" and then the wave broke and he was lying facedown in a pile of seaweed? That was sad. [Deadline]

Area genius Stephen Baldwin is apparently directing a documentary about the oil industry called The Will to Drill. Happily this coincided with that wonderful oil spill, so he's now got some good funding! Baldwin says that the project isn't really political, he just wants "to create the story of the impact that then crescendos into motivating people to be pro-active in their own choices." Pro-active in their own choices? What does that even meeean? Empty buzz words! Choices! Jessica Simpson is Proactiv in her choices, but that's about it. [THR]