Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman with a computer. Someone has been wallpapering Williamsburg's telephone poles with a printouts warning of a jobless man who "made passionate nasty sex with [mistresses] ALL OVER" his girlfriend's apartment.

Who is behind this mysterious scorched earth campaign, and how did she end up taking such strange, drastic action? Anyway, in case it's hard to read in the picture, here's the full text, from a photo New York Shitty took on Wythe Avenue. (There are reports of them popping up elsewhere in the neighborhood, too.)


Beware of me…I am man who hasn't had a job in decades. Matter of fact look at my resume it is a complete figment of my imagination. What's worse I'm a man of 44 years with no job and no money so I use women to survive. I met a woman who fell in love with me and gave me everything I wanted and needed. When I had no food, she fed me, when I had no roof, she made her home my home, when I had no money, she gave me money. On top of all of that I moved my daughter in the apartment and we both stayed there and paid NOTHING.

But all good things come to an end…she found out! What did she find out you ask? Well she found out that not only was I cheating on her, but while she was at work, I was bringing women to HER apartment. Yes that would be the one only she paid the bills for. I had mad passionate nasty sex with them ALL OVER the apartment. Oh and I did all of that without a condom. NASTY right? Well needless to say when she found out, I was put out. So now I am a non-skilled bum with no home. Now as a GOD fearing man….I go to church every Sunday sitting up front and center praising GOD for his grace in saving me from being murdered by all the women I have done this to. I am sure you know this wasn't my first time. So I have to say thank you Father as I get to live on so I can find the next woman I can charm out of her money, food, apartment etc. Warn your daughters, and pray for mine as I am back out there with a vengeance.

A Public Service Announcement….Every Word of this is the TRUTH. He's a pig.

Like a ponytail-wearing Brooklyn version of Charles and YaVaughnie. [NewYorkShitty]