Today we looked at the impending Sex and the City 2: Seniors' Year. But it was just brief clips! Luckily one commenter got his hands on the entire script and transcribed it for us.

From Matt Gaymon:

Actually you guys I got the whole script?

Carrie: "I never thought I'd see this day."

Samantha: "You and me both."

Miranda: "Hell just froze over."

Charlotte: "They look like fish out of water."

Samantha: "It's a real nail-biter."

Charlotte: "I'm glad we didn't let this fall through the cracks."

Carrie: "It's soup to nuts!"

Samantha: "Who are you calling nuts? In my mouth."

Carrie: "Didn't mean to step on your toes."

Charlotte: "Oh, let's wipe the slate clean."

Miranda: "Who pulled the wool over her eyes?"

Carrie: "Oh Miranda your bark was always worse than your bite."

Samantha: "More like a bull in a china shop. In my mouth."

That sounds about right!

Oh and, bonus! In a similar fashion, commenter Spirit Fingers broke down Keanu Reeves' career:

Let's just sum up the entirety of Keanu Reeves' career shall we, with all of its complexities.

Whoa, a phone booth time machine.

Whoa, surfing.

Whoa, Dracula.

Whoa, a bus, a train, we're going fast!

Whoa, Pacino.

Whoa, I know Kung Fu.

Whoa, Rachel Weisz, you should have said no.

Whoa, a mystical mailbox. Wait, don't I know you?

Whoa, I'm an alien.

Whoa, robots.