The grads at Syracuse U weren't about to stand idly by while That Rich Corporate Fucker, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, gave their commencement speech. They had a plan—a protest plan. Possibly the saddest college graduation protest plan of 2010.

The student activists who objected to Dimon's overt embrace of money announced that yes, they'd go to graduation; yes, they'd sit quietly and listen to what Jamie Dimon had to say; but they'd be damned if they gave the bastard the satisfaction of seeing them in their robes. As one young firebrand told the student paper, "I'll sit there and listen to him, but I won't be wearing my robe when that happens."

Which would be kind of cool if it was a nudist thing, but these kids were presumably planning to wear clothes under their robes at the time. The result: the protest consisted of about a dozen students doing the no-robe thing.Everybody else said they kinda liked the guy. Jesus Christ. That's far fewer than the number of those grads who will be working for Jamie Dimon six months from now.

[Standard disclaimer about how the kids mean well. Pic: Getty]