New York Post lesbian uh, not lesbian columnist Andrea Peyser heard something in the news the other day about lesbians? Elena Kagan? Supreme Court? Whatever. It gave Andrea a reason to go to a lesbian bar, for journalism.

Do real live lesbians like this "Elena Kagan" character? The answer is yes, according to Andrea Peyser's investigations. She tracked down a group of lesbians by following the trail of softball players to a bar in Park Slope. "Walking into Ginger's is to tread into stereotype (dark paneling, pool table, karaoke)," writes Andrea. Apparently lesbians love dark paneling? You learn something new every day. Anyhow these ladies agreed that they shared many interests with the softball-playin' Kagan, so you can "read between the lines," as they say. Then the party started, for Andrea.

Then they all joined in karaoke, which is where I draw the line.

The line will be drawn then, and not a moment sooner.