For his new installation, Australian artist Bennett Miller has assembled a meeting of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights in the Melbourne Museum plaza. The part that is "art" is that all of the delegates are dogs. All together: Awwwwww.

Dachsund U.N., part of the Next Wave Festival, is a "meditation on the utopian aspirations of the Commission on Human Rights, and our capacity as humans to imagine and achieve a universal system of justice." It is also way more cute than gory ol' Francis Bacon.

Miller, a 29-year-old artist from Perth, chose dachsunds for their similarities to humans: "They have their own racial diversity - black, brown, red. Also, even though they're restricted in their movement, they are quite determined and proud." He was able to put together his U.N. assembly with the help of the Dachsund Club of Victoria, whose initial skepticism was overcome once Miller was able to demonstrate that he wouldn't "portray the dogs in a demeaning way."

''At first I thought 'joke, Joyce','' says Ms Cornelissen. ''But [Miller] came to the right place. We show our dogs, so we require them to stand still while a complete stranger puts their fingers in their mouth or checks their testicles. They'll sit still.''

Just like John Bolton, right?

Check out Getty's pictures of Miller's installment. Where possible, we've put insets with the photos of the actual permanent representative from each state.

[Next Wave Festival; The Age; Pics via Getty, AP]

H.E. Dr. Susan Rice, permanent representative of the United States of America.

H.E. Mr. Yukio Takasu, permanent representative of Japan.

H.E. Dr. A.K. Abdul Momen, permanent representative of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

H.E. Hisham Badr, permanent representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

H.E. Khalid A. Al-Nafisee, permanent representative of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Artist Bennett Miller.