A Taco Bell employee in Ohio mistakenly gave a customer the morning bank deposit instead of her order. Wouldn't it be great to leave Taco Bell with $2,000, instead of digestive problems and an increased likelihood of heart disease?

A store policy to keep bank deposits in a regular Taco Bell bag went wrong in exactly the way you'd expect when an employee handed a "young woman in her 20s" the wrong bag. The manager realized something was wrong when the bank refused to accept his deposit of a Cheesy Gordita Crunch and a large Mountain Dew.

Police on Friday, May 14, released video surveillance footage of the woman as she went through the drive through at the Taco Bell on Brown Street, close to the University of Dayton campus and Miami Valley Hospital.

Instead of a bag with her order, she got a bag containing the restaurant's morning bank deposit - about $2,000.

Police are still looking for the woman who took the money. To be fair, if there was enough sour cream on the money, she may have eaten it and not realized the mixup.

In case you are wondering, $2,000 could buy 800 Crunchwrap Supremes, enough for six or seven stoned high schoolers.

[Dayton Daily News; pic via The Rocketeer's Flicker]