You may not think it to look at him, but according to the Times of London the new Facebook movie depicts Mark Zuckerberg as a "ruthless and untrustworthy sex maniac."

The Social Network, written by Aaron Sorkin, will be out later this year. A leaked script, says the Times, reveals that the movie casts Zuckerberg in a fairly unflattering light — a dumped nerd who screws over business partners and salves his sexual insecurities with "a stream of "groupies".

The leak comes on the back of increased pressure on Facebook to explain why its decision to roll back user privacy by confusing those who use the service into revealing all their personal details. Zuckerberg was apparently horrified by the scandal, and the script, and wants to be "the good guy." The final word in the Times story describes his character in the movie differently — as a "borderline-autistic conniver."