Hey, Did you guys know there's a French version of Slate at www.Slate.fr There totally is! Our French is rusty so we cannot really read the stories on the site. But we can make up our own!

As if the French weren't contrary enough. Slate launched Slate.fr in February 2009, but we didn't learn about it until today, while reading this Newsweek article about French youth organizing chaotic street parties via Facebook. Got us thinking... There was that amusing #slatepitches Twitter meme a while back, which spoofed Slate's unending assault on conventional wisdom. (It was sparked by music critic Jonah Weiner's defense of Creed.) But what would French Slate pitches look like? Here are some ideas:

  • World War II: How Hitler Actually Surrendered to France
  • The Disdain Diaries: I lived for a year doing nothing but scoffing
  • What Louix XIV Can Teach Us About Balancing the Budget
  • Everthing You Know About Cassoulet Is Wrong

Go wild.

Full Disclosure: I was a Slate Intern in the summer of 2009. During which nobody told me anything about Slate France. What are they trying to hide?

Update: Hey, look: Slate.fr visited Gawker HQ a couple months back. Nobody ever tells me anything.