A man was found at the bottom of a 3ft-by-3ft shaft building shaft in Williamsburg last night, having fallen 60 feet. He was apparently trying to jump between sections of the roof while at a rooftop party.

The unnamed man, report Gothamist, was rescued by firefighters who got a call to 141 South 5th Street — right next to the Williamsburg Bridge — at 2:43am. He was taken to hospital in serious condition. Gothamist spoke to a man named Jeff Seal, who lives on the first floor of the building.

I could hear him yelling through the wall of my bathroom. He was conscious the whole time, shouting, 'I'm in here!' I have no idea how this guy survived. The firefighters came in and started smashing holes in our bathroom walls trying to figure out how to get to him.

They eventually got him out by lowering a firefighter down the shaft. According to Seal, "they said he dislocated his shoulder". A source (well, someone we know on Facebook) was at the rooftop party. He says he made eye contact with the guy "just as he tries to jump onto another section of the roof," before what must have been the awful realization, for the man and those watching, that it was "actually a bottomless shaft." Partygoers could hear his voice below. The shaft wasn't bottomless after all — just seven stories high.