Flying from London to New York, Peter Frank and boyfriend Michael Bailey witnessed two Courtney Love meltdowns. They wrote about it on their Facebook walls. Four days later, the Post's Cindy Adams ripped them off verbatim.

In yesterday's column, Cindy wrote about Courtney Love having a "total meltdown" at Heathrow airport, "packing and repacking her luggage—bras and panties under people's feet." Adams continues,

Shrieking at her assistant: 'I told you already to get rid of that f—-ing Burberry scarf. I'm keeping the Chloe. Then, eight hours of performance art in first class, which is always enjoyable to make a flight go faster. Again, screaming into coach where her poor harried assistant sat: "Why are you just sitting there? What are you doing about my Kindle? I need a charger cable for my Kindle."

Four days earlier, several of Cindy's lines appeared verbatim on the Facebook walls of former Condé Nast editor Peter Frank and boyfriend Michael Bailey.

Peter wrote us an email explaining that, aside from Courtney and her assistant, he and Michael were the only people who witnessed the Cindy Adam story in its entirety:

My boyfriend and I were on the flight from London to New York in question. We were the only ones in premium check-in when the Burberry/Chloé bit happened (it's a separate building). […] Cindy's item totally lifted lines from us! (And she get it wrong—she never screamed about the Kindle).

Specifically, Cindy lifted Michael's quote from Courtney and Peter's phrases about "eight hours of performance art" and "making a transatlantic flight go faster." Even worse, Cindy skipped the best part of the story. By phone, Peter told us how Courtney spent the flight primping as though for a party, changing outfits and applying makeup. Suddenly, catastrophe struck.

She stomped through business class and cut across the middle aisle, pointing and yelling, "You packed the wrong fucking makeup, you fucking idiot, it's the wrong fucking makeup, not I have to fucking buy fucking duty-free makeup, and I'm going to fucking charge you for it."

When they deplaned, Peter says Courtney stood next to the flight attendant by the aircraft's door. As the passengers filed by, she was "full-on working it for the audience, in her Chloe jacket and these really high, 5-inch Louboutin heels." She was "putting on a show."

Plenty of people saw the show, but given the phrases lifted verbatim from Peter and Michael's Facebook pages, it's safe to say Cindy relied heavily on these two. The next question is, who passed the item to Cindy? Does Cindy Adams even know what Facebook is? I asked Peter if he's sniffed out the culprit, yet.

No, but I have a few suspects. I actually don't care. I think it's hilarious. But i was planning to post about it on my blog ( until that old hack stole my thunder… [Michael and I] were like, utterly totally giddy. We had just spent a fun long weekend in London but this was the highlight of the trip. I mean if you see a celeb known for public displays of insanity you want to see a meltdown and Courtney did not disappoint her audience!

[NYPost, image via INF]