Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe was apparently not content with merely sporting a Hitler moustache. He clearly felt his crazy despot credentials were lacking something. Which may be why he sent a boatload of animals to North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

The Guardian report that, according to conservationists, Mugabe has ordered "giraffes, zebras baby elephants and other wild animals" to be captured in pairs from his country's national parks, and trotted two-by-two onto his own ark to set sail for North Korea. Where it will be met by Dear Leader himself, Kim Jong Il.

Conservationists cite witnesses and officials in the Hwange National Park as saying Mugabe had ordered a round-up. They "reported seeing capture and spotting teams, government vehicles towing cages, and armed men at key watering holes with radios to call in the capture teams." There are fears that endangered rhino are included in the haul.

The same appalled animal experts were particularly concerned about the baby elephants, who it is thought will not survive the journey separated from their mothers. Even if the beasts do make it unscathed to North Korea, zoo conditions in the country are apparently as grim as one might expect when you consider how they treat people.

Here is a baby elephant, for your reference: