Today at Gawker.TV, Kenan Thompson and Al Roker have a good laugh about Kenan's impression, Rob Lowe starts on Parks and Recreation, Michael Scott becomes the "other man," and an exclusive interview with the creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Gawker.TV Interviews Creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force
I heard a Russian Master Shake, Meatwad referencing Justin Bieber, and Carl declaring his love for Deadspin and Fleshbot. It was a great conversation with Dana Snyder and Dave Willis of ATHF fame before their live show on Tuesday.

Stephen Colbert Can Destroy Glenn Beck's Credibility with the Best of Them
Why exactly is Glenn Beck so detestable? We know he's ridiculous, but up until this point there's been few definitive clips showing the full range of his incoherence and arrogance. Well, thanks to The Colbert Report, we have that reel.

Rob Lowe Brings Health and Handsomeness to Parks and Recreation
Rob Lowe made his first dreamy appearance on Parks and Recreation last night, and the results were just as hilarious as we'd expected.

Kenan Thompson Does His Al Roker Impression on Wake Up With Al
A surprise guest popped up on the Weather Channel's Wake Up With Al this morning. Kenan Thompson showed up on Al Roker's morning show and the two had a laugh about SNL's depiction of Al—"Rough, Rugged, and Roker."

Michael Scott Transforms into a Completely Unlikable, Home-Wrecking Jerk
Last week, Michael discovered his new girlfriend was already married and that he was the "other guy." Last night we assumed that he'd end the relationship, but instead he made a series of decisions and statements that simply sickened us.