This week Jersey nightlife magazine Steppin' Out features Michelle Bombshell in a Sicilian widow costume that came from a plastic bag at a Halloween store. This isn't even its best work. A walk down memory lane with America's trashiest publication.

Every morning, Stepping' Out editor Chaunce Hayden rolls out of bed and thinks to himself, "What would Snooki like to read today? How can I appeal to my audience of Jersey nightlife enthusiasts?" (Then he stands with his back tattoo to the mirror, turns his head over his shoulder, and reads "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger," but backwards.) From this process, Steppin' Out is born.

Hayden is a fascinating creature unto himself (one time he almost pimped Michael Lohan's fiancee but that's a story for another post.) Today, we look merely at the fruits of Chaunce Hayden's labor. At a time when print media is floundering and celebrity weeklies are reducing their page count, Steppin' Out soldiers on, a masterful study in the art of classlessness. Click below to start the show.