Today at Gawker.TV, Dr. Phil accidentally dons a "Hitler 'stache," the newest inductee to Tyra's Top Model hall of fame, Stephen Colbert's tips on claiming racial bias on the SAT, and the 4th hour of Today goes make-up free.

Kathie Lee and Hoda Venture Bravely into the No Makeup Zone
Today was "No Makeup Day" on The Today Show's fourth hour, so that meant a scrolling banner throughout the entire show informing people not to adjust their TVs, that's what these ladies look like.

Stephen Colbert Shows You How to Claim Racial Bias on the SATs
Stephen Colbert decided the end of the school year was the perfect time to help students slack off while getting ahead. In this video from last night's The Colbert Report, he teaches you how to score higher by complaining.

Dr. Phil Dons Inadvertent Hitler 'Stache
Wow. The newly moustache-free Dr. Phil seems blissfully unaware of the potential controversy he is inviting by putting on this fake mustache on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In all fairness, Kimmel does heartily clarify that it's "Charlie Chaplin's Moustache."

Web Soup Highlights Blasphemous "You Testament" Video Game
Host Chris Hardwick brought our attention to a quite an interesting game during last night's episode of Web Soup. Watch a clip of an RPG in which you're God and killing anything and anyone you want—including Jesus.

Winner of America's Next Top Model May Actually be Crazier than Tyra Banks
Tyra has donned a new heir to the throne of America's Next Top Model, and judging from her antics during last night's episode, she may be even more nutty than Queen Tyra herself.