President Obama visited Buffalo today in order to meet with the poors and unemployeds. But it wasn't all bad! He got to eat delicious buffalo wings and was called a "hottie with a smoking body." Click through for the video.

What is it like to be President? Sometimes it's sad, like when you have to go to Buffalo, where no one has a job, in order to demonstrate how much you care, even though no one will do anything about it. On the other hand, you eat buffalo wings whenever you want, and women throw themselves at you.

Obama stopped by Duff's wings in Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, where he ordered "five regular, five extra spicy" wings on the recommendation of a customer. He was then approached by Luann Haley, who spoke these immortal words to the 44th President:

"You're a hottie, with a smokin' little body."

Obama told her that Michelle would be watching, so Luann said, "Eat your heart out, Michelle!" Awesome.

There's no video of the actual proposition yet, but there is some footage of Obama hanging out at Duff's and shaking people's hands. Please enjoy the Buffalo anchor's thinly-veiled dislike of the president:

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